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1414 N Central Expy

Plano TX 75074

1149.7 MILES

(972) 423-5220

11426 Northwest Hwy

Dallas TX 75218

1153.2 MILES

(214) 503-0191

3201 E Pioneer Pkwy

Arlington TX 76010

1177 MILES

(817) 385-0007

5126 Broadway Ave

Haltom City TX 76117

1185.4 MILES

(817) 831-3648

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Lawnmower’s are not often used in winter of Texas, as most of the state is snowy, but there are some areas of Texas that may maintain grass lawns year-round. Lawnmower’s are usually “winterized” for this season in Texas to maintain your lawnmower over an extended period of sitting, sometimes in extremely cold conditions. Find a lawnmower repair shop near you in Texas today to get your lawnmower prepared for winter!

Grass Types: Ryegrass/None


Once the snow melt, if you’re in the colder regions of Texas, it’s time to get the lawnmower out. Over-seeding with winter grass may be necessary, but usually dormant grass will just grow back on its own as the temperature rises. Make sure that all your lawnmower service is up-to-date otherwise you may end up with a broken mower before you know it. Common services for bringing out your mower from winter in Texas include draining old gas, changing the oil, tune-ups and blade sharpening.

Grass Types: Ryegrass/Bluegrass/Fescue


Enjoying a beautiful and well-cut lawn is something that summer is all about in Texas. Fertilizing or aerating your lawn will keep it looking great throughout the summer and make sure to cut the grass when it’s dry to avoid damaging it. If you get weed in your lawn, there are several great weed fighting products for Texas lawns, which can be found at your local hardware store in Texas. Lawnmower maintenance for summer months is simple, keep it clean and watch for signs that may lead to more serious issues.

Grass Types: Bluegrass/Fescue


As Fall comes upon us in Texas, you’ll need to maintain your lawn until it gets too cold for grass to continue to grow. It’s best to cut grass at a slower rate and do a final low to the ground cut in preparation for a beautiful lawn after winter. Enjoy these last Texas days of grass lawns and playing outside as they’re numbered! Lawnmower’s need to be prepared for winter storage if they will not be used. Visit your local Texas lawnmower repair shop for instructions or help “Winterizing” your mower.

Grass Types: Bluegrass/Fescue/Ryegrass

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