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The Best Place to Find a Lawnmower Repair Shop. is a free and easy way for lawnmower owners to connect with trusted lawnmower repair shops for lawnmower repair, maintenance and ownership. Focusing solely on a single industry has allowed us to offer tools for consumers and businesses that match consumers with the best business. is proud to push the quality and experience of lawnmower and small engine repair to new heights.


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Q:How do I leave a review for a shop I visited?
A: It’s very simple! Just navigate yourself to the search results page and find the lawnmower repair shop that you’re looking to leave a review for. Click into that business listings detail page and press the “Write a Review” button up top.
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Q: Why is my lawnmower repair shop not listed?
A: Probably because it slipped under the radar when our employees were building the most accurate lawnmower directory. We aren’t perfect, but we would love to get more information about the lawnmower repair shop that you patronize. Please visit the “Contact Us” page and send us a note with a few details about the shop.
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Q: How do I change my review?
A: You cannot change reviews yourself, but you must contact us via the “Contact Us” page. Please complete the form and we’ll email you about the change you would like.
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Q: How do I report a business or details as incorrect?
A: The easiest way to report a problem is to complete the “Contact Us” form detailing the information that you feel needs correction. We’ll review the change and post it in around 48 hours.
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Q: Does featured mean that their certified?
A: Some shops are paid advertising partners of ours. is not endorsing these shops as better than any other, and we recommend that you consider the shops reviews and reputation online prior to choosing one.
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Q: What does gold status mean?
A: Gold status is a non-paid status that the shop has 4+ stars from 5 or more reviews on These shops seem to us to be outstanding options for your next repair or service.
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Q: How do I claim or add my business?
A: Claim or Add your business by clicking the “Shop Owners” button at the top of this page. This will take you to the business website to find and claim or add your business.
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Q: How do I update or add to my business information?
A: You can update or add more information about your business via claiming your listing by clicking the “Shop Owners” button at the top of this page. If you’ve claimed your listing already, then go to the business page by clicking the same “Shop Owners” button above and click “Login” in the upper right to log in and modify your business details.
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Q: How do I remove reviews?
A: Reviews are not normally removed from shop listings after they’ve been approved. If you feel that the review does not meet our ground rules though, feel free to contact us via the “Contact Us” button on top of this page.
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Q: Can I respond to reviews?
A: At this time, we do not have the functionality for businesses to respond to reviews, but if it becomes available, we’ll email all the business owners with claimed listings.
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Q: What is Gold status?
A: Gold status is reserved for businesses that have outstanding customer reviews. It’s free to get Gold status, you just need to have 5 or more customer reviews on and maintain a 4+ overall star rating.
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Q: How do I feature my business listing?
A: You can show up at the top of the results, with other featured listings but signing up to advertise as a featured business. Click the “Shop Owners” button on the top of this page and Login to your business page or claim/add your listing to learn about the benefits of becoming a featured business!
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Q: How do you rank businesses?
A: We rank businesses based on status (Featured/Gold/Standard) and then my distance from the customers location. To show up higher, become Gold or Featured status and gain new business today.
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Q: Who can leave reviews for my business?
A: Customer reviews are governed by the “Ground Rules” which is linked at the bottom of this and every page. In a nut shell, it must be an unbiased and unincentivized review or it will be removed from our listings (and possibly all your reviews or listing!).
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Claimed Listings
Claimed listings are completely free and allows businesses to update and add information about their location and services. Listing that are claimed give confidence to consumers that the business is open, operating and in good health. Website listings are the number way that consumers find a lawnmower repair shop online.

Gold Status
Gold status is met when a shop has 5 or more reviews on and maintains a 4-star or above rating. When you become a gold status business, you’ll receive a welcome package to advertise this award. Gold status businesses show up higher in search results because there is more confidence in the businesses good practices.

Featured Membership
Get more exposure with Featured Listings! Businesses that are featured are found on the top of the standard listings and recieve on average 4 times more customers from customers looking for a repair shop in town. Many other benefits of featuring a listing include extended information to add to a listing, such as pricing, and a link to your website increasing SEO value.

Featured-Rich Websites
More than just a leading lawnmower Repair Shop directory, find great marketing tools for these niche businesses such as free websites that are mobile and search engine friendly. These websites are built for Mower Repair Shops, not just generic website templates as others often offer. If you’re looking to expand your web presence, there are several paid offerings to suit your needs!


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Living in Arizona, our lawns take a lot of care. For years, I would take my lawnmower into local repair shops and have great, good and terrible experiences. I noticed the need for a directory of lawnmower repair shops online, specific to small engine repair shops not like the larger directories that don't understand the individual industries that they support.

As a website designer, developer and marketer, I set out in 2014 to fill the void by creating I researched everything there was to know about small engine repair businesses and lawnmower repair specifically. I’m pretty sure I know nearly as much about lawnmower as anyone else in the world by now and that really aided in creating a business directory that helped the consumer find the best repair shops and ensure that small engine repair shops do good business. Everybody wins.

A lot of effort when into making this site a reality and watching it grow has been amazing. We get over 2,000 users a month and there are over 1,500 lawnmower repair shops listed.

Thank you for your business and for using the site. If you have any feedback,questions, or suggestions, please submit a request or find our contact information here.

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